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Why "Pan-Galactic"?

This page was created in the spirit of the New Millennium, to reach beyond the confines of one small planet in one remote corner of our galaxy. A call has gone out to all sentient beings who share our galactic home to send their stories, their insights, their wisdom and their dirty jokes. This website will be an unparalleled storehouse of universal wisdom. Unfortunately, due to speed-of-light limitations, about the soonest I can expect a reply is eight years from now. So until then, it'll be a pretty ordinary website. But be patient and do keep checking back. It's going to be unbelievable!

Welcome to Laszlo's Pan-Galactic Homepage- the site that provides you with complete background information on every species of extra-terrestrial galactic life form known to humankind - so either search for a specific extra-terrestrial species or simply browse through the site.

Last updated 04 November 2007.

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