Johncanoe departs the dock

Johncanoe departing the dock for the first test ride
Slowly moving away from the dock, getting the feel for the boat. In spite of of all the comments on the tech support list about tenderness, Johncanoe is quite stable. Once seated I never felt in any danger of tipping over at all. I suspect the concern comes from people who are either used to larger boats, or have installed canoe-type seats rather than sitting or kneeling on the bottom. I prefer sitting kayak-style instead of kneeling a la pirogue because of the extra stability of having the ballast (me) down low and because of an old knee injury.

Note the wonderfully comfortable inflatable PFD which allows unimpeded paddling for hours on end. That paddle, on the other hand, is way too short for me in a boat with Johncanoe's beam.

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