Johncanoe loaded and ready to go

Johncanoe loaded on truck ready to go to the marina
All tied onto the truck and ready for the ride to the river. The racks shown here are the QuickRack system. They're molded plastic rated to 500 pounds, don't rust and install by clamping onto the underside of the bed edge. Even though they can support the weight vertically, they are pretty flimsy and too flexible. They require lots of tie-downs to keep the flexing down. But their major weakness is the strength of the clamps that attach it to the truck bed. All but one clamp developed cracks and one actually broke in only 2 months of use. The racks have since been replaced with the TracRack, a much higher quality and stiffer aluminum system that uses only 2 racks and requires no supporting tie-downs. Avoid QuickRack like the plague!!!

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