Krakenbait gets a carbon fiber mast

Here are a few pictures showing the construction of a carbon fiber mast for Krakenbait. The mast kits are available from through their boatbuilder's supply store at . The carbon fiber mast kit is here (NOT under "Masts & spars" in the "Sailboat rigging" section - that's for aluminum).

Picture showing the mast kit in its shipping box easily fitting in a chair

They got a 10' mast into this box?!? Seriously though, this is one of the great advantages of these kits. The shipping costs are almost negligible since there are no over-sized components. A full-length piece of aluminum or wood will set you back quite a few dollars just in excess length charges.

Contents of the mast kit box

The actual box contents. On the left is a 20-foot roll of biaxial fiberglass tubing. This is like a knit fiberglass sock, but open at both ends. Using a biaxial sock makes the layup much easier, faster, stronger and higher quality than wrapping with woven cloth. The epoxy and hardener are in back. On the right is a 10-foot roll of carbon fiber tubing. The instructions are in front. The mast will be a layer of biax, a layer of carbon fiber and another layer of biax. Try not to think of it as charcoal between 2 window panes.


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