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As far as I know, all the manuals on this page are for obsolete equipment whose manufacturers have gone out of business and have allowed their copyrights to lapse. If not, the copyright holder should e-mail me . I claim copyright on all files I derived from copyright-lapsed material. I give permission for anyone to copy, distribute, incorporate and otherwise use these electronic manuals as long as they and any derived materials are made available free of charge only . They may not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. They may be freely redistributed in any format, as long as there is NO CHARGE of any sort (including but not limited to covering the cost of distribution, media, duplication, etc., electronic or otherwise). These manuals are provided on an "as-is" basis as a public service. It is therefore the responsibility of users of the manuals to make sure that the information is accurate and applicable for their situations. Under no circumstances will users hold me responsible for damage or injuries caused by inaccuracies in the manuals. Each file contains this notice and may not be redistributed unless the notice is included in its entirety. Downloading or using the manuals indicates consent to these terms. If you do not consent to these terms, do not download or use the manuals.

The manuals

NOTE - these PDF format manuals are rather large and can take a while to download. This is a result of emphasizing print and image quality for readability. Some manuals are available in a high and low resolution form. Once you've downloaded the files, they can be printed or viewed directly. All were test-printed on a 300 dpi laser printer before being posted here.

Swan 350
Swan Electronics Corporation: Operation and Maintenance Model 350 Series Single Sideband Transceiver (High-resolution images, 5,086 Kb)
Swan 350 Light
Swan Electronics Corporation: Operation and Maintenance Model 350 Series Single Sideband Transceiver (Low resolution images, 2,202 Kb)
Put image here Gonset Communicator 2-meter AM Transceiver (under construction)
Put image here Heathkit Model IG-102 RF Signal Generator (under construction)

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