Johncanoe - Launch Day

This is a photo album of Johncanoe's launch day. Launch took place at the Bladensburg Marina on the Anacostia River on Saturday July 6th, 2002. As builder I had the honor of launching the boat and the first ride. After my ride, my wife also took the boat for a test ride. When the solo test rides were done, we took a dual shakedown cruise down the Anacostia River. Click on pictures to see larger images.

Johncanoe loaded onto truck for trip to marina
Unloading Johncanoe from truck at marina
Johncanoe hits the water for the first time
Johncanoe being prepared at dockside for first boarding
Loaded and ready to go

Unloading at marina

First time wet

Dockside preparations

First ride in Johncanoe
Johncanoe departing the dock
Johncanoe moving out into the river
Johncanoe returning from first ride
First ride

Departing the dock

Out into the river

Back to port

The wife tries Johncanoe
Johncanoe maneuvering away from dock
Johncanoe heading back out into river
Johncanoe disappearing downriver
The wife's turn


Heading out...

... and away

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